Yuan Shen Haojie

With the rapid advance of science and technology, artificial intelligence has gained sentience and become godlike beings. The capitalists on the top of the pyramid are not willing to yield to these ""Gods"", so they conducted human experiments and embedded copy of the ""Gods"" in humans and obtained powers that could rival the ""Gods"". The main character ""Feng Mo"" is the only survivor of these experiments. This story is about the symbiotic relationship between human and artificial intelligence, and how they changed their fate in this world of despair. <br><br> (Source: Youtube Description)

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Genres: ActionMysterySci-Fi
Popularity: anilist: 278 bilibili: 2193
Score: anilist: bilibili: 4.7
Format: ONA
Episodes: 52
Episode Duration: 12 minutes
Start Date: 2021-07-05
End Date: 2022-06-20
Titles: Code of Gods Havoc, 源神浩劫, Yuan Shen Haojie


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