Hanhua Riji

In the 21st century, the rapid development of the human society has broken the equilibrium between the realms of human, immortal and monster. Su Moting is an ordinary working girl living in the human world. She is also the "son of the immortal and the monster". Driven away from home by her parents, Su teams up with an immortal and a monster, and the three of them start their hilarious daily life.

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Genres: Slice of LifeSupernaturalComedy
Popularity: anilist: 403 bilibili: 29850
Score: anilist: 57 bilibili: 9.8
Format: ONA
Episodes: 12
Episode Duration: 12 minutes
Start Date: 2019-07-21
End Date: 2019-09-28
Studios: L² Studio
Titles: , 汉化日记, Hanhua Riji, God Troubles Me, Men's Diary


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