Shiyan Pin Jiating

A scientist couple has been arrested for conducting illegal studies, allegedly for performing genetic modification on five of their children. The youngest child, Dannis, is the only one who grew up as a normal human, and has become the only family member who has to tend to rest of the members and to try to find a medicine to turn them into normal humans again.<br> <br> Dog human, plant gene, spider web gene, as well as mind reading, how will these family members who grew up in the laboratory survive in the outside world?!<br> <br> (Source: MyAnimeList News, edited)

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Genres: Slice of LifeSupernaturalSci-Fi
Tags: Male ProtagonistFamily LifeMonster GirlTsundere
Popularity: anilist: 8959
Score: anilist: 60
Format: TV
Episodes: 12
Episode Duration: 18 minutes
Start Date: 2018-04-09
End Date: 2018-06-19
Studios: Big Firebird Cultural Media
Titles: Frankenstein Family, 實驗品家庭, Shiyan Pin Jiating, 实验品家庭, Shiyan Pin Jiating: Frankenstein Family, 実験品家庭, Jikkenhin Kazoku, Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days, 実験品家族 -クリーチャーズ・ファミリー・デイズ-


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