Quanzhi Gaoshou: Dianfeng Rongyao

Prequel movie of Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The King's Avatar), dealing with Ye Xiu's original entry into the pro gaming world of Glory, and the first Pro League series tournament.

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Genres: ActionDramaSlice of LifeSports
Tags: E-SportsVideo GamesVirtual WorldMale ProtagonistTragedy
Popularity: anilist: 7892 bilibili: 14956
Score: anilist: 79 bilibili: 6.5
Format: MOVIE
Episodes: 1
Episode Duration: 98 minutes
Start Date: 2019-08-16
End Date: 2019-08-16
Studios: Colored Pencil Animation
Titles: , 全职高手之巅峰荣耀, Quanzhi Gaoshou: Dianfeng Rongyao, The King’s Avatar: For The Glory, Quan Zhi Gao Shou: FOR THE GLORY, 全职高手 FOR THE GLORY


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