Wan Sheng Jie

The pure and cute little demon Nini lives in Unit 1031 of All Saints Street Apartment. His roommates are no ordinary people: The lazy and wacky vampire Ira who spends most of his time gaming or watching TV, the unlucky dancer werewolf Vladimir, the serious and old-fashioned angel landlord Lynn and his naive little sister Lily, and many more. <br><br> What none of them realize is that within Nini sleeps the power of the demon king. With evil forces in hot pursuit, can Nini and his friends head off disaster?<br><br>(Source: QQ, translated)

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Genres: Slice of LifeFantasySupernaturalComedy
Tags: Ensemble CastPrimarily Male CastDemonsUrban FantasyVampireShapeshiftingKemonomimiWerewolfCute Boys Doing Cute ThingsAngels
Popularity: anilist: 3959 bilibili: 1272
Score: anilist: 77 bilibili: 9.8
Format: ONA
Episodes: 12
Episode Duration: 5 minutes
Start Date: 2020-04-01
End Date: 2020-05-27
Studios: FENZ, HMCH
Titles: , 万圣街, Wan Sheng Jie, All Saints Street, 1031 Wan Sheng Jie, 1031万圣街


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