Luo Xiaohei Zhan Ji (Movie)

In the bustling human world many monsters are hidden and live in peace with humans. The cat monster Xiaohei starts his wandering journey because his forest home is destroyed by humans. On his search for a new home he encounters other monsters as well as understanding human allies, some of which share his dislike of humans and some who don't. This leaves Xiaohei with a dilemma: Who should he side with and where does he truly belong?

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Genres: ActionAdventureFantasy
Tags: MagicCultivationUrban FantasyAnimalsShapeshiftingKemonomimiNekomimiEnvironmentalCute Boys Doing Cute Things
Popularity: anilist: 3010 bilibili: 66132
Score: anilist: 79 bilibili: 9.9
Format: MOVIE
Episodes: 1
Episode Duration: 101 minutes
Start Date: 2019-09-07
End Date: 2019-09-07
Studios: HMCH
Titles: The Legend of Hei, 罗小黑战记大电影, Luo Xiaohei Zhan Ji (Movie), 羅小黒戦記, Ro Shaohei Senki, Luo Xiao Hei Zhan Ji (Movie)


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